TWO Apartments in Magnificent Frescoed Italian Villa for Sale Near Florence, Italy – $388,414

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TWO Apartments in Magnificent Frescoed Italian Villa for Sale Near Florence, Italy – $388,414

Good Thursday morning! Ever wanted to live in a gorgeous, opulent villa, but can’t afford to spend millions? Here is a really cool opportunity to own TWO apartments in a magnificent Italian villa near Florence, Italy! The apartments are in need of total renovation but they are architecturally stunning, with enormous original frescoes stretching across walls and ceilings. The photos almost make it feel like you are living in a museum – with the stunning scale of the windows and quality of the 18th century construction. Interior photos include CGI renderings of the completed renovations to help you imagine the amazing potential. The view across the manicured formal gardens out to rolling hills and charming village – absolutely beautiful! From a financial perspective, these properties would be excellent investments as well!

From the Sotheby’s listing:

This magnificent 18th century frescoed villa, located in Serravalle Pistoiese, has been transformed into a condominium in which there are two apartments corresponding to two real estate units for a total of 260 square meters, sold individually or as a single property. The first apartment is on the second floor, while the other one is on the third and fourth floors. The two need to be completely renovated. Both are equipped with a cellar in the basement. The building is of rectangular structure and is spread over 3 floors. The Italian terraced 18th century garden extends over the front of the villa with a large car park at the back. Several architectural elements such as decorative arches, a pergola, a fountain and century-old camellias leading to the baroque private chapel at the back complete this unique property. Note that some of the interior photographs are computer generated renderings that suggest an example of restoration.

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