Resources for Moving Abroad

Expat Life Inspiration

Parenthood Around the World – Amazing series of stories from parents comparing experiences raising kids in different cultures

The Chateau Diaries – Wonderful YouTube series about the realities of chateau life.

Workaway – Work as a volunteer in a chateau, vineyard, farm, and many more – room and board paid. Fantastic program!

Videographer & interviewer Kirsten Dirksen travels to investigate alternative housing styles across the world. So many good videos – abandoned Italian villages transformed, eco-living, tiny houses, fascinating renovations!

Passe-Moi les Jumelles – Escapist French YouTube channel about people escaping the everyday to do something unusual with their lives – daydream fodder!

Resources by Country


  • Guide for home and property buying in Spain here (via Expatica)
  • A somewhat colorful guide to buying rural property in Spain by a British person here (via Spanish Property Insight)
  • Guide for visas and permits for living in Spain here (via Expatica)
  • Become an English language assistant in a Spanish school through a program called Auxiliares de Conversación. Work part-time and get paid a small monthly stipend.
  • Help with childcare, farming, renovation projects, etc, in exchange for room & board in Spain via!


  • Guide for home and property buying in France here (via Expatica)
  • Quick guide for Americans buying property in France here (via FrenchEstateAgents)
  • Moving to France guide here (via Expatica)
  • The Ultimate Checklist for Moving to France here (via Expatica)
  • How to move to France by Transferwise
  • Become an English language assistant in a French school through a government program called TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). Similar to program in Spain, you work 12 hours a week teaching English in schools as a language assistant and you are paid a small monthly stipend.
  • Become a volunteer at a chateau! Check out the opportunities on Workaway!
  • Starting a business in France – what is a fond de commerce? More info here! (via Start Business in France)
  • Learn more about taking over a small business in France here (via Just Landed)
  • Learn more about French property taxes here (via French Property)


  • Guide for home and property buying in Italy here (via Global Property Guide)
  • Can non-Italians get mortgages for Italian properties? Yes! More details here (via Studio Legalemetta)
  • Buy an Italian village home for 1 Euro guide is here (via CNN)
  • Italian towns in Molise will pay you $27,000 to move there here (via CNN)
  • American who moved to Italy and bought a cheap/cute village house, has been living rent/mortgage free for several years with young family. Video here! Lots of other videos about the €1 house buying process!

Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)

  • Curious about how to move to Denmark? Learn more about the pros and cons here (via Expatica)
  • Guide to property buying restrictions in Denmark here (via JustLanded)
  • How to buy the Swedish summer house of your dreams here (via The Local)
  • Learn more about the Swedish tradition of owning a summer house here (via
  • How to move to Sweden and become a Swedish citizen here (via Business Insider)
  • How to buy property in Sweden here (via Global Property Guide). There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Sweden. Learn more!
  • House Hunting in Norway, via the NY Times here. There are no restrictions of foreigners buying property in Norway.
  • A realtor walks you through buying Norwegian property 101 here (via Life in Norway).
  • Norway buying guide here (via Global Property Guide)

United Kingdom

(England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales)

Illustrated Map Of The Uk And Ireland Digital Art by Daria i
  • Guide for home and property buying in Scotland here (via
  • Guide for home and property buying in England and Wales here (via
  • Step by step guide for how to move to Ireland here (via Transfer Wise)
  • Guide for home and property buying in Ireland here (via Global Property Guide)
  • Guide to UK visas for Americans here (via Visa Logic)

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