Pure Transylvanian Beauty – 3Bed/2Bath – Balnaca, Romania – $214,385

Pure Transylvanian Beauty – 3Bed/2Bath – Balnaca, Romania – $214,385

Balnaca, situated just 90 km away from Cluj and 60 km away from Oradea, a village in Bihor County, hosts, apart from a natural and intimate setting, an unique traditional property, newly renovated for a modern comfort. Along with the 1,8 hectares of land and the wonderful view over the Crisului Valley, the house was built of wood and natural materials in order to help the owners disconnect from daily stress. The interior space was arranged so as to tell a story, to reflect the passion for a rustic ambiance, but with boho accents and contemporary influences. The specific Romanian elements, as the wooden beams, the woodstove and the barn were integrated in a modern design concept which reflects the current needs. The rhythmicity of the interior space is supported by the raising of the ceiling in the living room, the attic floor no longer being supported by the wooden beams. One of the main atractions of the living room is the woodstove, created by a ceramic artist from Sf. Gheorghe, which combined the idea of a double-function stair with the idea of a space specially created to admire the fire. The woodenstove has small glass doors, so the pleasure of watching the fire is combined with the idea of keeping the traditional spirit of the place. Beside what we have mentioned before, a comfortable swing can be found inside the house, right next to the woodenstove, so you can enjoy the cold winter days. The porch was turned in a relaxation space, blending the indoor and the outdoor space together- the perfect place to relax in the middle of nature. The ceramic plates and objects collection gives you the chance to admire the main romanian ceramic styles: Horezu and Corun. The couch has a view to all details of the ground floor and can also be used as a storage space due to the space under the mattresses. Outside the house a spacious terrace is waiting for you to have delicious dinners with friends and family, while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. The big stairs next to the sitting zone can be used for unforgettable movie nights. The barn has 2 main zones: a dining zone and a relaxation one for the days when you want to detach from the everyday environment. The table is restored from an old carpentry workplace, being the piece that homogenizes the rustic aspect of the space. The geometric pattern on the walls was taken over and reinterpreted in various parts of the house- at the front door and the terrace wall. In order to bring another element of uniqueness to this property, the idea of arranging the terraces in a modern style was taken over, while keeping the traditional inspiration. The guest bathrooms are separated from the host’s ones. All these unique attributes, combining the traditional spirit with the contemporary endowments and comfort, helping you detach yourself from the daily noise and stress, offer the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and with yourself.

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