Renovated Romanian Fairytale Cabin – Maramures, Romania – $272,665

Renovated Romanian Fairytale Cabin  – Maramures, Romania – $272,665

Lucian Blaga said that “eternity was invented in the village” and where could you feel the meaning of these words better than in Maramure?, the place where as you arrive you seem to walk through a gate to meet tradition and authenticity. Any visitor who arrives here for the first time discovers, in the beginning, the fairytale landscapes, and immediately after, the spirit of the locals who due to their way of being, to their specific speech but also to their folk costumes, welcome you with the ultimate hospitality and joy, the characteristics of what can become at any time the informal brand identity of these places. This region hides real architectural treasures, from the well-known wooden churches to the traditional carved gates, which, inviting you to cross the border of the households, seem to transport you instantly into a museum, but also to a special time when living quietly but diligent in the country side blends harmoniously with a certain respect for the customs.

Cosma House is part of this fairytale landscape. It can be reached by driving on a private access road, at the end of which there is, of course, a beautiful wooden gate. The 150-year-old house was thoroughly restored in 2008 with a special care for its traditional elements and at the same time it was modernly equipped adapting to current requirements. Located in the middle of a large orchard, the house has a traditional porch typical for Maramures with beautiful sculptures and seating benches. From here you can admire a wonderful view over the Rodna and ?ible? Mountains, the altitude being 750 m.

Having a built area of ??139 square meters, it can accommodate four people in a more than comfortable environment. If on the outside the house shows only its traditional side and the beauty of the past, inside it transforms and adapts to provide comfort and all that is necessary for the life of the modern man. Thus, the house is fully equipped and furnished with premium quality furniture and top appliances. On the ground floor there is a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, the living room and one bathroom, and upstairs it has a large bedroom and an open space for sleeping. The garden has a BBQ area, a place designed for campfire and a covered pavilion perfect for admiring the fairytale panorama with a glass of “horinca” in the cellar and a plate of goodies just taken off the grill.

The house is an ideal starting point for nature, culture, hunting or hiking lovers given that it is located in an area with incredibly rich flora and fauna (brown bears, wolves, lynx, wild cats, otters, deer, eagles, and a variety of rare birds, such as hoopoe and barnacles). The surrounding meadows and the whole field are mowed manually each year, with great care, the way that has been done here for more than a hundred years. Also, here we can find orchids, wild gladioli, carnivorous plants, cotton buds and many other plants.

The historic wooden monasteries and churches, the museums or markets in Sighet and the surrounding villages are an ideal destination for excursions. The most famous sights in the area are just a few kilometers away. Some of the well-known landmarks are: Sighetul Marma?iei (50 km), Cailor Waterfall (83 km), Sapân?a Merry Cemetery (68 km), Bârsana Monastery (25 km), Baia Mare (90 km), Breb (42 km).

That being said, this property meets all the necessary criteria in order to become a future holiday home or, why not, a new home in a fairytale landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

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