19th Century Oil Mill – Francofonte, Sicily – $271,560

19th Century Oil Mill – Francofonte, Sicily – $271,560

Old oil mill built at the end of the 19th century, in the typical Sicilian countryside.
The property consists of two buildings and is surrounded by 20,000sq m of land, with a stream running along it.

The first part of the building is a Sicilian oil mill; inside, it preserves the old mill and the oil collection tanks.

Next to the mill, there is a building on two levels, the old home of the landowners. This property is completely to be restored, as the only renovation carried out is the renovation of the roof.
Further down along the valley there is a second building, carved in the rocks with a comfortable terrace overlooking the river bed. Inside the second building, completely renovated, there is a fireplace and a fully functioning wood oven.

The property is a valid investment solution as tourist accommodation. It has a unique and refined atmosphere for those who love to fully enjoy the countryside. The property is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Francofonte (SR), a few steps from the junction of the main road and very close to the city centre.

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