Four Bedroom Townhouse on the Walls of Medieval Tuscan Town with Panoramic Views – Anghiari, Arezzo, Italy – €185,000

A four bedroom townhouse on the walls of Anghiari, a medieval town in Arezzo, Italy.
Four Bedroom Townhouse on the Walls of Medieval Tuscan Town with Panoramic Views – Anghiari, Arezzo, Italy – €185,000

Happy Tuesday! A four bedroom townhouse on the walls of Anghiari, a medieval town in Arezzo, Italy.

I imagine living here would feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine, surrounded by walls dating back to the 13th century. I would be tempted to keep watch from the top windows for approaching armies or knights on horseback! However this property seems very comfortable by modern standards as well – a dream!

From the listing on Romolini:

On the walls of Anghiari, in an extremely panoramic position overlooking the Valtiberina, a renovated townhouse of 260 square meters on four floors. The house, of considerable historical value, currently offers a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has an entrance in a picturesque alley of the medieval village. Services are all available in the town, with the main square located a short distance from the house (about 250 m, within walking distance). A convenient public parking nearby allows you to leave your car safely and from there you can quickly reach various centers of Valtiberina (Sansepolcro, Caprese Michelangelo, Città di Castello …) and beyond (Montepulciano, Montalcino, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano …). The closest airport is Perugia (73km; 50 ‘) but for intercontinental flights we suggest the terminals of Bologna, Pisa and Rome. DESCRIPTION OF THE BUILDING The house (260 square meters) is built against the layout of the internal walls of Anghiari, along the current walkway of the main walls and enjoys an incredible view of the underlying Valtiberina. The entrance is located in the heart of the medieval village, along a picturesque alley. The building has been renovated and is in excellent condition. – Basement: cellar; – Ground floor: small entrance and laundry; – First floor: living / dining room, kitchen, passageway (usable as a library and / or reading room), three bedrooms and bathroom; – Second floor: sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and room (currently unused) with three windows facing the valley. HISTORY OF THE PROPERTY The oldest portions of the walls of the house can be dated to the end of the thirteenth century, born as additions to the town walls. The room on the ground floor, where the laundry is today, must have been a stable for goats in the past, given the tools for shearing found during the renovations. Tradition has it that the neighborhood, including the house, hosted the bishop Thomas Becket during his passage to Anghiari during the 12th century. In support of the tradition, linguists intervene who explain the origin of the name by which the house is known, “Calabria”, considering it a distortion of the Latin name Cantuaria with which the city of Canterbury was known. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, part of the building was converted to house a wheel of exhibits, a device that allowed mothers to leave their children anonymously in case they could not take care of it. In 1890 the wheel was removed and the building divided into various residential units. In 1972 the premises were brought together in a single house in the form still visible today. NEARBY CITIES Sansepolcro (8km; 15 ‘), Caprese Michelangelo (17km; 25’), Città di Castello (24km; 20 ‘), Monte Santa Maria Tiberina (33km; 40’), Arezzo (35km; 40 ‘), Montepulciano (82km; 1h 20 ‘), Siena (102km; 1h 35’), Montalcino (103km; 1h 45 ‘), Florence (108km; 1h 35’), San Gimignano (153km; 2h 5 ‘) NEARBY AIRPORTS Perugia San Francesco (73km; 50 ‘), Florence Vespucci (128km; 1h 35’), Bologna Marconi (184km; 2h 5 ‘), Pisa Galilei (189km; 2h 15’), Rome Ciampino (255km; 2h 40 ‘), Rome Fiumicino (270km; 2h 45 ‘)

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