Bargain Friday! Rural Idyll in Denmark with Garden, Beehives, and More – Havndrup, Denmark – $114,628

Bargain Friday! Rural Idyll in Denmark with Garden, Beehives, and More – Havndrup, Denmark – $114,628

Happy Bargain Friday! A rural idyll in Denmark with garden, beehives, and more!

I can spot the signs of so many nice hobbies in this house – a whole room devoted to beekeeping, the large vegetable patch in the garden, plus a sewing table, a spinning wheel, and more! This seems like a cozy place where the previous owners created many lovely things around them.

From the listing on Nybolig:

Nature is paramount, and the fresh air fills the entire organic garden! Welcome to true idyll, which gives you the opportunity to live a life with all kinds of activities; ranging from creative projects in the large workshop to gardening in the garden, small animal husbandry or just enjoying a nice family life in the large house. Here you get peace and quiet, but without compromising with the nearby larger cities Odense and Nyborg! If rural idyll is high on the wish list, you will appreciate the location here, where you are located right in the butter hole between Ferritslev and Søllinge on Hellerupvej 13. The property is just one and a half kilometers from Sønderskov, if you want a fresh walk in the green, just as you practically have the creek running in the “backyard.” In addition, you live within cycling distance of both Ferritslev and Søllinge – it takes about 10 minutes to cover the short distance. In Ferritslev you can do your daily shopping in both Fakta and SuperBrugsen, just as you have access to the doctor’s house, the assembly hall and the Free School. In Søllinge to the south, there is a kindergarten and nursery to say the least, and then the village is also known for its excellent togetherness! All in all, a scenic and quiet area that still makes it possible to commute to Odense (25 minutes) or Nyborg (20 minutes).

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