Sweden! Rustic Rural Cottage Near River with Main House, Guest House, and Bakery – Gråda, Sweden – $237,348

A rustic rural cottage property in Sweden with main house, guest house, and bakery! Thanks to a follower for sending this in!
Sweden! Rustic Rural Cottage Near River with Main House, Guest House, and Bakery – Gråda, Sweden – $237,348

Happy Tuesday! A rustic, rural cottage property in Sweden with main house, guest house, and bakery! Thanks to a follower for sending this in!

I love the feeling you get in this property of history, an old agricultural homestead, mixed with modern life – the huge bakery oven remains and is likely in full working order, but there is also a convenient modern kitchen for baking your average frozen pizza. This property also has so much space and so many huge old woodstoves to keep you toasty in the deepest winter! It can accommodate two families comfortably.

The area in summer:

The area in winter:

From the listing on Carlssonring:

Rural property in the small village of Gråda about 3 km northwest of Gagnef. The Österdalälven river flows just under 200 west of the property on Fågelvägen. Common boat and bathing place is about 250 m by car from the property and by boat it is possible to get all the way up to Lake Siljan. On the 1,313 sqm plot, there is a main building, guest cottage, bakery and garage. All red-colored timber buildings with tiled roofs. In addition, there is a basement and a greenhouse. The main building has been largely renovated internally over the past two years. Several working fireplaces. The plot borders on the small village street in one direction, on neighboring properties in two directions and on an open agricultural landscape in the fourth direction. In Gagnef there is a grocery store, gas station, restaurants, school f-6 mm. The nearest larger town is Borlänge, which is located about 2.5 km southeast of the property. North of the property, the beautiful Siljansbygden spreads out. Distance to Romme Alpin is about 40 km and to Sälen about 150 km. The distance to Stockholm is just under 250 km. Sj’s train stops at Gagnef train station and it is possible e.g. to travel by train to Stockholm without changes.

Type The property Gagnef Gråda 25: 1, Detached villa. Plot According to the property register, the size of the property amounts to 1,313 sqm. Grown up, slightly hilly garden plot with gravel path, lawns, flower beds, cultivation beds and a small greenhouse. The big house Moved timber frame in one and a half levels, built on the site in the 1980s on a foundation with a cast slab on the ground. Externally visible, freshly painted red-colored timber and roof covered with tiles. The house, which has been largely renovated inside the last two years, contains 3 r.o.k. distributed on about 94 sqm of living space as follows: On the lower level: Hall in two sections, one of which has fixed furnishings for clothes storage. A newly decorated living room. In a separate part with its own entrance there is a hobby room. This part is insulated and it has a toilet, which makes it easy to convert into living space if desired. The space is heated with a wood-fired cast iron stove and direct-acting electricity. The woodshed mentioned below could also be converted into living space for those who wish, as it is adjacent to the newly furnished room on the lower level. Upper level: Hall. Newly furnished kitchen with kitchen island equipped with convection oven, induction hob, kitchen fan, dishwasher, and separate refrigerators and freezers of floor model. Spacious living room with cast iron wood burning stove. Bedroom. Bathroom with bath, toilet, washbasin, washing machine and water heater. Heating via direct-acting electric radiators and the wood-burning fireplaces. The guesthouse The farm’s old residential building was probably built in 1840 with a frame in horizontal timber on a croft plot. Externally visible, freshly painted red-colored timber and roof covered with tiles. The house contains 2 r.o.k. distributed on about 67 sqm living space as follows: In the lower level: Entrance hall. Large cottage with preserved masonry hood with fireplace and oven. Small kitchen equipped with electric stove with oven, kitchen fan, dishwasher and combined refrigerator and freezer of floor model. Toilet room with toilet and washbasin. Upper floor: Large bedroom / living room with wood burning stove and closets. Small space with water heater, washing machine and freezer. The house is heated via direct-acting electric radiators and the wood-burning fireplaces. Other buildings Wood shed: Part of the large house with separate entrance. Building area approx. 22 sqm. Baker’s cabin: Log cabin with a tiled roof built in the 1980s, containing a space with intended for baking in the old fashioned way with a wood-fired oven and suitable work surfaces. Heating of the room also via a separate cast iron stove and direct-acting electric radiator. Building area about 10 sqm. Basement: Next to the guest house there is a cast basement. Building area approx. 2 sqm. Double garage: Timber building with tiled roof built in the 1980s. In the lower level two-car garage with cast floor, chipboard-clad walls and roof. Electricity is withdrawn. In the upper floor floor storage room. Building area approx. 21 sqm. Water and sewer The property is connected to the municipal V / A network. Broadband Current owners have used mobile broadband. Fiber networks are available in the area. Tax value The property is taxed as a built-up detached house unit with type code 220 for a total of SEK 438,000. Mortgages A mortgage deed of SEK 935,000 has been withdrawn. This is taken over unsecured by the buyer. Easement etc. No easements are registered. Easement regarding road can be found in the administrative act from Lantmäteriet dat. 1947 The property is part of a village association, which entails the right to a berth at common piers down by the river. Access By appointment. Address of the property Grade 10, 785 30 Gagnef Directions Take road 70 just north of Gagnef town towards “Djura / Gagnefs kyrkby”. Keep right / straight ahead towards Djura where the road splits after about 300 m and after another 500 m turn right onto a small gravel village road with blue speed signs 20 km / h (you should not drive over the river). The property is located next to the road on its right side after about 130 m.

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