Bargain Friday! Gorgeous Early 20th Century Mansion in Southern Romania, Ravaged by History – Oltenia, Romania – €90,000

Bargain Friday! Gorgeous Early 20th Century Mansion in Southern Romania, Ravaged by History – Oltenia, Romania – €90,000

Bargain Friday! A gorgeous early 20th century mansion in southern Romania, ravaged by history but with beautiful potential, on 3.5 acres.

This might not be the most popular post – I don’t often share properties in such poor shape, but these old war-ravaged mansions in eastern Europe are gorgeous and intriguing. Definite imagination fodder! What would this place have looked like new with landscaped gardens? I can imagine it remade into a marbled luxury spa retreat with organic farm-to-table cuisine sourced from local agriculture.

From the listing on Sotheby’s Romania:

On the road from Craiova to Calafat, about 20km before reaching the Danube, in the village of Moțătei-Gară, we meet one of the most beautiful mansions of Oltenia. Built in Neo-Romanian style, the mansion belonged to the Roșca boyar family and was built between 1907 and 1911.
Already 100 years old today, the building still bears the scars and marks left by the passage of time, but it will certainly require a serious rehabilitation and renovation project before it can be used by the future owner.

The main façade is marked by the massive tower and the model of the trilobate arches replicated both at the main entrance and at the balcony of the tower with the decorative pillars that separate them. We find the same decorative elements symmetrically replicated on the back façade, but also on the covered corridor that connected the mansion to an annex building that probably served as a kitchen or service building for staff. In fact, there are several outbuildings, some of which are in a more advanced state of degradation, but could be rehabilitated and used depending on the destination that the property will receive in the future.
We currently have a built-up area of ​​almost 1300 sqm, on a basement, ground floor and attic structure plus a massive outbuilding with a footprint of 200 sqm. The mansion is surrounded by a land of almost 14,000 square meters, which was once arranged as a park with alleys, trees and ornamental plants.

The main destination that this mansion can take in the future would probably be that of a holiday residence. But it can also become a permanent residence, tourist unit, or a special agro-tourist.

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