Stunning French Country House, 19th Century Barn Converted to Beautiful Home in the 1970s, Seven Bedrooms and Vast Interior Space – Crépy-en-Valois, France – €400,000

Stunning French Country House, 19th Century Barn Converted to Beautiful Home in the 1970s, Seven Bedrooms and Vast Interior Space – Crépy-en-Valois, France – €400,000

Happy Wednesday! A stunning French country house, beautifully converted from a 19th century barn, with seven bedrooms and vast interior space.

This space has me dreaming. I can imagine hosting events here – wouldn’t a wedding set in front of those windows be absolutely glorious? Perhaps the garden could be improved with blooming flowers and a fountain, maybe a bigger patio, and then imagine all the beautiful events that could be had!

Only one hour from Paris, close to the beautiful Compiègne Forest. Seven bedrooms! Perfect for hosting many guests. There is a courtyard garden in front of the home and a walled garden to the side with a romantic chapel dating back to the 18th century situated within.

From the listing on Patrice Besse:

The property seduces with its simplicity: that of its initial vocation of course, and especially that of its interior configuration created in the 1970s. Indeed, the whole house revolves around a large living room, the real heart of the home with a high ceilings to make you dizzy, circulation on the mezzanine and overhead stairs. The set is without any corridor. The huge space thus formed is convivial in particular with the possibility of seeing each other whatever the level where each one is. All this contributes to a simple and relaxed life, so characteristic of the 1970s. Close to Paris and, a few minutes’ walk away, the Compiègne forest, which invites you to stroll. It is the ideal place to see a family grow, receive friends, develop an original bed and breakfast activity or even produce shows as the interior is theatrical …

Ground floor

The huge living room imposes its strength first by its dizzying height and by its omnipresent beam. A set of stairs and mezzanines enhance the surface of this central room, which alone measures 144 m2 and which combines a living room and a dining room. The large stone fireplace seems almost modest there. The floor covered with tomettes organized in the form of diamonds plays in concert with natural materials with wooden beams. A kitchen, pantry and access to the vaulted cellar complete the level.

First floor

The staircase with steps and solid wood banister is open on both sides, as if suspended in space. It starts from the living room and leads to the first floor which is organized around a circular mezzanine overhanging the reception hall. This open gallery with parquet floors serves four bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room. In addition, in the gallery, an office space overlooks the living room.

Second floor

On this level, three bedrooms are available. They all have a view of the garden. A bathroom can be fitted. Space has been provided for this. Above, a large attic awaits conversion.

The garden

The house has its courtyard and garden side, here a priest’s garden. Lawn, primroses in spring and climbing plants on the old mossy wall that runs along the property.


An old and small chapel mentioned in the 18th century attached to the neighboring manor brings a romantic touch to the garden.


A small house used as a shed houses the heating system and a utility room with toilet and shower.

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