Centuries-Old Mill Situated in the Center of a River, Very Unique Structure! Accessible by Footbridge Over the Water – Salamanca, Spain – €200,000

Centuries-Old Mill Situated in the Center of a River, Very Unique Structure! Accessible by Footbridge Over the Water – Salamanca, Spain – €200,000

Good Monday morning! A totally unique, centuries-old water mill located in the middle of a river near the border of Spain and Portugal!

This mill is fascinating – of unknown age, but with records of it existing dating back to the 18th century. It’s accessible via footbridge which cross over the water, which gives it an interesting feeling! It is constructed in the middle of a small river that feeds into the River Douro (the river that marks the border between Spain and Portugal). Close to the Arribes del Duero National Park.

The two listings I found are on Rusticas Singulares and E-Rustica. It seems to have dropped in price from €250,000 to €200,000 recently, and sellers are open to negotiation.

It is located in a remote town to the northwest of the province of Salamanca, whose western area is part of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. It is about 75 km. from Salamanca and Madrid it is about 285 km (174 km by highway), by the shortest and fastest route.

EL MOLINO, is an old restored horizontal wheel mill. It has an area of ​​150m2 (100 m2 on the ground floor and 50 on the upper floor). Although it has a museum aspect, it is a house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room, as well as a 4 m2 basement, three pedestrian walkways, to the west, east and north (the new and highest one, with a railing and a entrance, has 23 meters) and two dams or fishing boats, all owned by the mill according to writing.

SERVICES It has electricity, running water and sewerage.
History and rehabilitation, the actual age of the mill is unknown, although documents from the 18th century prove its existence.
From the 70s of the last century to the early 90s, it was ground with electric energy, ceasing to work at this time, and being rehabilitated and converted into an ethnographic house and museum.

The current owners have rescued it from total ruin, rehabilitating it in various phases over the years. During rehabilitation, an attempt was always made to ensure that the functional coexisted with a conservationist and respectful habitat. Today it is an ethnological house and museum (study dedicated to people and cultures).

It has four exceptional characteristics that make it unique as a horizontal wheel mill: its location in the center of the river, its pentagonal morphology that allows it to withstand high axial hydraulic pressure without deterioration of its habitat, its large surface area of ​​approximately 100 m2, being the usual thing in this type of mills is to have a much smaller surface and its location in the center of town. USE: Due to these characteristics, its use can be multifunctional, in addition to its private use for housing, it could also be adapted for restaurants, events, rural houses for rent … etc.

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