Self-Sufficient Organic Garden Paradise Perched in the Hills of the Algarve – Monchique, Portugal – $433,536

Self-Sufficient Organic Garden Paradise on Five Acres Perched in the Hills of the Algarve – Monchique, Portugal – $433,536

Happy Tuesday, Escapists! Become the owner of a self-sufficient organic garden paradise on five acres perched in the hills of the Algarve, Portugal!

This week we are digging into escapist dreams, and this is one that I would love. Imagine raising organic fruit and vegetables and hosting guests for beautiful retreats. The most delicious food and beautiful views, only a short drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It would be a lovely place to heal, work in the soil, and nourish your body and mind!

From the listing on Green Acres:

Bordered by 2 streams -which never dry in Summer – this renovated, traditional 4 bedroom house is set within mature gardens with about 1 hectare of gently sloping cultivated terraces including a small vineyard. In addition to the 4 bedrooms the house has an open plan living room/kitchen, a dining room, two bathrooms and a store/plant room. It also features a further kitchen licensed for food production. The building is set against a backdrop of a forested hillside planted with cork oak and arbutus (medronho).

Previously the land was a licensed organic soft fruit farm. We did not renew the license as we were not selling any produce. However, we have maintained organic garden principles throughout and the farm is close to being self sufficient.

There is an abundance of water on the land. The house water comes from a borehole and can be switched to a 50.000 liter rainwater tank. There is a well. The irrigation is entirely gravity fed from one of the streams via a 24.000 liter irrigation tank. The water rights on the stream are approved in writing.

The house hot water is supplied by an air heat exchange pump and there is a gas boiler installed as a backup system. There are 2 wood burning stoves which also supply radiators with hot water throughout the building for the winter months. The house was completely re-roofed with up-to-date insulation in 2010.

Energy rating E – due to the fact we renovated the roof ourselves and had no proof of the insulation. We were advised that with proof it would have received a rating of C.

There is plenty of space on the land to build wooden structures to provide accommodation for retreats or similar activities. The house also had a license for rural tourism that should still be active or easily renewable.

This peaceful location – 2km off the main road – is a wildlife haven for both flora and fauna.

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