Ancient Stone Tower in Small Village with Interesting Architecture, Spectacular Views, and a Chapel with Old Frescoes – Schioppo, Perugia, Italy – $217,310

Ancient Stone Tower in Small Village with Interesting Architecture, Spectacular Views, and a Chapel with Old Frescoes – Schioppo, Perugia, Italy – $217,310

Happy Monday, Escapists! An ancient stone tower in a small village in Perugia, Italy! Interesting architecture, spectacular views, and a chapel with frescoes!

I have scoured listings far and wide to bring you a selection of characterful, fascinating, and affordable Italian properties. I hope you enjoy! Italian property can be challenging to look through, so I’m excited to share my findings!

From the listing on Idealista (translated from Italian):

Ancient stone tower in a small village of 1100, called Schioppo, in the Municipality of Scheggino, in the Umbrian Valnerina. Spread over 4 levels with an average height of 2.80 meters, on the ground floor there is a large tavern with fireplace and a characteristic rocky wall, next to a stone cellar with window. From a second main entrance you enter the house, from the corridor there is access to the kitchen and a living room of about 20 square meters, next to it there is a bedroom with bathroom and a comfortable cellar, on the upstairs there are three bedrooms with a bathroom and a last room on the top floor where you can enjoy a spectacular view from the window overlooking the valley and the roofs of the village.
Externally the structure has remained in stone, inside there are original elements, such as architraves, stone walls and the rock that “enters” a room, for the rest it was renewed in the 70s but few “touches” would be enough to bring it back to its original style, for example by changing floors and walls. The sunny and independent position in the characteristic medieval village makes it a unique property.
The tower house includes an exclusive courtyard with a garden of about 500 square meters, not far from the house there is a large plot of land of about one hectare with vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees. Inside the land there are condoned outbuildings that can be used as stables for horses or to build boxes and agricultural sheds. If desired, more land can be purchased.

The structure is solid and does not present any damage, the roof is in good condition, the floors were redone in the 70s but can be easily replaced with new terracotta claddings respecting the original typology of the typical Umbrian peasant house.

All systems (water, electricity, heating …) are present on site. The heating is powered by wood or gas or LPG.

The road leading to Schioppo is comfortable and paved, branches off from the main Valnerina road at the crossroads for the small village of Ceselli and climbs up to reach Schioppo.

The town of Schioppo, built around 1100, stands on the hills between Scheggino, Ferentillo and Spoleto, in the Umbrian Valnerina, is a place where you can breathe the air of bygone times and seems to stand still in the Middle Ages. A beautiful restored church preserves valuable frescoes. An ancient path that crosses the surrounding woods leads to Spoleto through marked paths, along a mule track that touches the Vallocchia, the ancient village of Raischio, Campo Cappello, Le Palazze until it ends in Via Ponzianina, in the heart of the historic center of Spoleto. It is the old road that was once traversed by mules laden with wood to sell, which then returned full of expense. Schioppo is located in the municipality of Scheggino, a beautiful village crossed by the Nera river, famous for its truffle, protagonist in the spring of a festival called “Il Diamante del Nera”, not far from the Marmore, Norcia and Cascia waterfalls. In Scheggino, about 8 km from Schioppo, there are shops (food, pharmacy, bars, restaurants …), buses, schools and services. In this area the climate is mild, being a hilly area, where snow rarely falls in winter and in spring and summer you can enjoy a pleasant coolness favored by the presence of the surrounding woods. The gastronomy is typical of Umbria, with traditional local dishes, cured meats from Norcia and typical products.

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