Hauntingly Beautiful Mansion With 16th Century Origins and a Long History – Lorraine, France – $467,096

Hauntingly Beautiful Mansion With 16th Century Origins and a Long History – Lorraine, France – $467,096

Good Tuesday morning! A hauntingly beautiful mansion with 16th century origins and a long history in Lorraine, France.

This house feels like it’s haunted by past memories, and reading about the history of the home, it may be true. At the same time, it’s a house with beautiful proportions, light, delicate, and elegant. The property is set in TWENTY-TWO ACRES of forest and meadows, in the middle of a Natura 2000-rated nature preserve! The property includes eight bedrooms in the main house, with additional caretaker’s house that is home to three more bedrooms.

Yet another listing from Patrice Besse! From the listing, translated from French:

At the gates of a small town of character, fortified, the property extends over more than nine hectares enclosed by stone walls and fences as well as two hectares of pasture separated by a municipal road. Away from all nuisances, it has two entrances. The main avenue, bordered by trees, first gives a glimpse of a vast park which precedes the house, while the second, on the rear facade, runs alongside the caretaker’s house. The park is pleasantly divided into woods, meadows and orchards. It forms a natural and easy to maintain set. A small slightly hilly and charming forest path surrounds the property.

Many events have followed one another in this place since the 16th century, headquarters of the Marquis de Fabert in 1654. The young Louis XIV also visited him during an inspection of the armies. Bernardin de Saint-Pierre is said to have started writing “Paul and Virginie” there. German headquarters during the Second World War.
The most touching is undoubtedly the small pencil lines, on the bathroom wall, in an improvised height chart, witnesses of the generations that have succeeded here.

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