Idyllic Seafront Stone Cottage on Beautiful Agni Beach, Corfu – $454,672

Idyllic Seafront Stone Cottage on Beautiful Agni Beach, Corfu – $454,672

Good Tuesday morning! An idyllic seafront stone cottage on picturesque Agni Beach, in Corfu! What a dream!

This cottage is small but what more could you want, living right on one of the prettiest coastlines in the world? I would love to sit in that little courtyard with an easel and paint a million paintings to analyze the way the light is angled at each hour of the day. When I got hungry, I would grill a fish and enjoy it with a chilly glass of wine!

From the listing on Corfu Homes:

This unique stone house is an excellent example of traditional construction combined with tasteful interior design, nature and splendid views over the Ionian Sea. Built right next to the picturesque bay of Agni, one of the most prestigious regions of Corfu Island covered in greenery and praised by yacht owners for its natural beauty, the house is perfect for those who already own or wish to buy a yacht or boat.

The 40 sq.m. house comprises of living room with kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Its raised rooftop allows for the construction of an attic that can be easily used as a bedroom, storage room or home office.

The beautiful veranda and yard offer perhaps the best sea and sunset views one can get from the eastern coast. The property additionally features a parking space which is hard to find in the nearby area.

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