Airy, Bright Former Lightkeeper’s House Circa 1886 on Coastal Island – Idö, Sweden – $404,954

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Airy, Bright Former Lightkeeper’s House Circa 1886 on Coastal Island – Idö, Sweden – $404,954

Good Thursday morning! As we get deeper into the fall season and the days start getting shorter, all I want to do is spend the day curling up with a blanket, a cup of coffee, some candles, and binge-watching Scandinavian crime shows! (Anyone have any recommendations?)

In honor of Swedish crime shows (I love them), today I wanted to share this charming former lightkeeper’s house dating back to 1886 on a Swedish coastal island called Idö! There are three bedrooms, two living rooms, a spacious kitchen, and lovely views.

This place is full of cozy Scandinavian design. I love the fireplaces and that old kitchen stove! I love the play of colors in the decor, the simplicity in the design, and the antique details. The location is stunning, with ocean views from every window and a deck with wood-fired hot tub! The house can be used year-round, unlike many Swedish summer houses. Idö island is popular in the summer and has a café and inn.

From the listing on Svenskfast (translated from Swedish):

Welcome to this extremely charming residence for leisure or year-round accommodation that contains a full 5 rooms. The house was already built in 1886 as a lighthouse on Gotska Sandön and was moved to its current location on Idö in the outer archipelago in 1913. Extensive total renovation has been carried out both externally and internally from 2012 until today. Here you will find state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms with the old style and charm well preserved with working tile stoves and wood stove. From virtually every window you enjoy a fantastic view of the horizon and from both the living room and the bedroom you reach the spacious terrace which has both roof and open deck where there is plenty of room for both lovely dinners and lazy moments in the sun. The 1263 sqm plot has a free location and is fenced by a beautiful courtyard. There is also an inviting wood-fired hot tub adjacent to Laxvarps Bay. The water is municipal and joint sewer via community. Idö is easy to get to either by own boat or via the Archipelago traffic during the summer. Here you really feel the continental pulse in the summer when both restaurant, café and guest harbor are open.

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