Peaceful Countryside Chateau, Circa 1600s – Rennes, France – $407,710

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Peaceful Countryside Chateau, Circa 1600s – Rennes, France – $407,710

Good Monday morning! So amazed that we now have 5,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you! I started this blog four months ago hoping to share my passion for digging into fascinating property listings of inspiring and dreamy old homes, chateaux, castles, cottages, and conversions. There are so many beautiful places in the world! One day I would love to give up the rat race, buy one of these crumbling manor houses, seaside cottages, or charming equestrian estates and start a totally new life as a bed and breakfast owner, or maybe a painter, or a mysterious reclusive author… Maybe I could start a small farm, or a creamery and sell delectable gourmet cheese, or become an antiques dealer! Do you have any improbable dreams? There are so many possibilities to do something deeply interesting in life. I hope, through these amazing properties, I can share a little bit of beauty and inspiration to dream with you. Thank you for following along!

Now about this gorgeous chateau! Per the listing, it was built in 1600, and it’s located in Rennes, France. There are four bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and so many amazing historical features. The library with massive stone fireplace is so snug and magical! There seem to be a few outbuildings, a stable, a garden, and a view to a pretty canal.

2 Replies to “Peaceful Countryside Chateau, Circa 1600s – Rennes, France – $407,710”

  1. I have tried contacting you before. No replies at anytime. I will try one more time and if I cannot get you to courteously reply I guess there’s no point in continuing following your articles. Quite a shame I believe. Therefore I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
    “Is this particular property still for sale?”
    Thank you. T


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