Fascinating 15th Century Medieval Tower Home for Sale – Foz, Lugo, Spain – $364,000

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Fascinating 15th Century Medieval Tower Home for Sale – Foz, Lugo, Spain – $364,000

I love this nice block of medieval stone! Visually it looks almost modern, but inside it’s clear it is half a millennium old! This ancient building is now a very pretty 5 bedroom home and located only 4 miles away from the beautiful beaches on the northern Spain coast.

From the listing (translated from Spanish):

House -Torre medieval, of feudal origin, located in the natural landscape of the Ouro River Valley, 6 km.from its mouth in the sea.
The construction, located in an urban plot of 2.000 m2, which was traditionally called Chousa da Torre, dates from the early 15th century (probably from the Moscoso, Counts of Altamira).The analysis of Carbon 14 carried out by the Higher Center for Scientific Research, on the age of oak beams incorporated into the original belt of the building, fixes its calibrated age from the year 1290, as the date of planting, until 1410, as the cutting date.Therefore, the age of the building is 600 years.
The main building, the tower, retains all its original structure, in the style of the late Middle Ages, with the edges, windows and original granite door and stone walls of 70 cm.thick
In the process of rehabilitation, care has been taken not to alter the original character of the tower house, using chestnut woods, granite, marble and stained glass, building in its south-east part of the ground floor, where there were attached blocks and alpendres, a complementary building, with front folding doors, screens on the roofs of slates and side windows.

Dimensions of the buildings: 405 m2

  • Main Building of the House-Tower: 342 m2
  • Ground floor and annex, with two living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, fireplace and toilets: 158 m2
  • Planta Primera with distributor, 3 bedrooms, main balcony and bathroom: 83 m2.In addition to the terrace facing the medieval arch door: 20 m2.
  • Planta Segunda: dedicated to music and reading room and diaphanous room: 81 m2
  • Complementary buildings: 63 m2.
    Alpendre, gazebo, hórreo and traditional well

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