The Palacio de Valdecarzana, 15th Century castle for sale in Áviles, Asturias, Spain – $393,000

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The Palacio de Valdecarzana, 15th Century castle for sale in Áviles, Asturias, Spain – $393,000

Good Monday morning! I’ve been keeping an eye on this one but can’t seem to find photos without this big Engel & Völkers watermark. Even so, I think it’s worth posting!

This property is somewhat controversial, as per several news articles it seems there was some government mishandling of funds surrounding an initial attempt to develop it into a 4-star hotel back in 2010, resulting in the local government losing a bunch of money in the deal. However, the property is now on the market and open to private buyers!

Description of the property, from the listing (translated from Spanish):

Engel & Völkers presents the Valdecarzana Palace that is part of an architectural complex of the XV century, consisting of several buildings and a perimeter wall in which stands a very well preserved Plateresque doorway. Located in the urban area of ​​Muros del Nalón and being included in the Special Plan “Casco Histórico de Muros”, it would allow works of conservation, consolidation and restoration.

It is an architectural complex of S. XV, consisting of several buildings surrounded by a wall. In the sixteenth century a plateresque doorway was opened, built in ashlar with a semicircular arch formed by large voussoirs, which is the most remarkable element in sight. In the center is the shield of the Cienfuegos family and on the cornice carved in relief, the Cross of the Angels, in addition to other six shields distributed to both sides of the first one. Inside the enclosure the remains of a low medieval tower, the palace house and a few large blocks on which the cloth was arranged are preserved.

In the year 1992 the north wing collapsed, leaving only the facade and some parts of the tower. Currently the authorized works are conservation, consolidation and restoration. It is an opportunity to get hold of a piece of history with all the possibilities.

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