Ancient 10th Century Castle on 120 Acres of Land near Barcelona, Spain – $505,000

Ancient 10th Century Castle on 120 Acres of Land near Barcelona, Spain – $505,000

This place is AMAZING. A real castle built in the 900s AD! For sale! For $500K! It’s a little pricier than what I typically post but I could not not post this one. Listing has more photos as well as an aerial video of the property!

El Montmell-Marmelar sounds like a fascinating and richly historical place to visit. Read up on the abandoned village of Marmelar here, or read up on the history of the area here.

Translated version of the listing:

Castillo Mas Miquel, with 50 hectares.
Castellot of 800 m2 built and 50 hectares of field and mountain.
16 km from the beach on the Costa Dorada, 27 km from Tarragona the provincial capital and 55 km from the cosmopolitan Barcelona. Strategically located since its origins in the tenth century, we find this unique Castellot in a good state of preservation, as apart from maintenance, over the centuries a series of reforms have been made.
Gone are those remote times where the wars of reconquest and others stalked the gates of Castellot. Witness to the passage of time, the Castellot Mas Miquel is still standing and stands as the oldest and most powerful construction in the region since the time of the reconquest.
Built on top of a mound, on the slopes of its own mountain, with large spaces and 5 rooms, wineries, multipurpose rooms, library, 6 rooms, internal and external courtyards, solarium, swimming pool, museum area, etc. Own spring of water prepared to supply up to 30 thousand liters of water per hour, vineyards, etc.. .
Currently and for 40 years. , has been used as a private residence. While you can continue to give that same use. , also it is possible to mention that it can be ideal to turn it into a Hotel of of rural tourism or Hotel type retirement of luxury with spa and other dependencies so much closed as open.

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