Beautiful Stone Cottage in Tuscany, 2 Bed, Stunning Views, $164,000

Beautiful Stone Cottage in Tuscany, 2 Bed, Stunning Views, $164,000

Is there anywhere you’ve always dreamed of living? What place feels like home to you? I would love to breathe in these stunning views every morning. Click for a tour ➡️

This charming stone cottage is set in a hilltop village in Tuscany, Italy, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The house has a beautiful kitchen and living area that opens onto a panoramic garden with lemon trees and stunning views. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, each with their own view of the hills. The home has so much character with a wood-burning stove, terra cotta tiles, yet is up to date, connected to heating and WiFi.

The price? It is for sale now for $164,000.

The dream: trade city life for village life, working from my laptop to earn income. I could easily support myself as a freelancer and pursue my creative goals considering how affordable it is to live here. I would soak in the local culture l, attend festivals, enjoy the amazing food and wine of Tuscany. Every morning would be beautiful here. 🌄🌳🍋🍇🍷🍽💻

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